I bought a purse in South Africa

In Canada, my coworkers usually noticed that I didn’t bring anything with me to work except for my iPhone. There are days where I’d bring my lunch bag or an umbrella and that was it. I try to be a minimalist one way or another.  I guess it all started as a trial. I remember the first time I tried to go to work with just my phone, a debit card, and a bus pass. The card and the bus pass are attached to the back of my phone using an attachable credit card holder. All three still came in one piece.  Read more […]

Think and Be Creative

Think and Be Creative. This is what I always tell Rianne as we travel through South Africa by land. Ricky had this idea of travelling South Africa via what they call The Garden Route. We started in Johannesburg aboard Baz Bus travelling to Durban. Believe it or not, we were on the bus for a gruelling 14 hours. We could have arrived 4 hrs earlier but an accident on the highway kept us stuck and without any choice but to stand the long wait. And add to that, a humid temperature.  Try to imagine Read more […]

Don’t throw your Geraniums!

One of the most common summer flowering plants you can see at garden centres (even supermarkets) are these beautiful and bountiful geraniums. It comes in dark shades of fiery red (most common) pinks, peach, white and many more. They bloom all summer long with little to no care at all. They are easy and not fuzzy! Sure to bring you beautiful round clusters of blooms all summer long. It’s best for beginner gardeners as it wouldn’t frustrate you! It tolerates heat and water. You can’t have too much Read more […]

I’m back! And I’m gardening!

Yes! I’m back to blogging!! I’m on my mat leave again after giving birth to baby #3, so what better way to maximize my time than to blog about the things I love to do (other than taking care of 3 kids and 1 big kid – my hubby! It’s been a while since I last wrote on the blog, more than a year I think, but starting one again should get it going. And first on my list of topics to write about is… Hmmm… Yeah, my garden… I wish! But I do, I garden in pots! That still counts as a garden, right? Read more […]

Sneak Peek – My First Upholstery Project

Oh my! I have to write! I can feel it like it’s coming out of me! It’s been a while! It was quite hectic the past couple of weeks and it will be our son Ryan’s first birthday this weekend! Actually, I should be planning his birthday.. lol.. I am, I am! You’ll see.. 🙂 MY FIRST UPHOLSTERY PROJECT Hello! I’m back with some new projects and one of them is a small bench.. My very first upholstery project! I think it was a piano stool/bench.  The size is just perfect for our home. It’s a single-seater Read more […]

A Walk Down Main Street + Broadway, Mt. Pleasant Vancouver

I was browsing the photos on my iPhone when for some reason, i can see all the photos I uploaded from our camera from yesterday’s stroll.  I still have not figured out how this iCloud work.. When I saw it, I just have to write it on the blog and share the photos.. This is what my eyes have seen beauty on and I want to share it with you.. I love where we live and I wish you do too wherever you are in the world.. May you find beauty in it as you explore.. To be honest, I’ve only walked Read more […]

A Trip to The Passionate Home

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series. This is my kind of Disneyland!  I am so glad I get to visit the store! At last! Thanks to my hubby who took me with him as he spoke at a meetup in Langley. And then, watched the kids for some ‘me’ time.. Hooray! How did I find about The Passionate Home? Before I even met Annie Sloan (just online.. lol), I developed a liking on upcycled, refurbished, reclaimed and repainted furniture so I’ve been looking at those on Pinterest, where I found Read more […]

Project #4 – Our Serving Tray

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series. Why a Serving Tray? If you’ve been to our home, you’ll notice that we do not have a coffee table.  We did that on purpose.  We live in a 2 bedroom condo building and having a coffee table in our living room for sure would take up so much space. I wanted to have ample room for Rianne to run and jump around and Ryan to safely crawl without hitting their head on a corner or hurting themselves just in general.  So.. no coffee table at this point. Read more […]

Project #3 – Painting Fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – My Blue Mason Bag

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series. Painting Fabric with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint is something I’ve always been intrigued to do.  I’ve seen it on other blogs, read about it on her book and even saw her video demo for a TV show. Most I’ve read are done on upholstered chairs and the results have been awesome.  It’s amazing what this paint can do.. like the slogan, it really is “more than paint”. Here’s a video of Annie Sloan doing a demo painting on an upholstered chair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a5znW4VJDU The Read more […]