Don’t throw your Geraniums!

One of the most common summer flowering plants you can see at garden centres (even supermarkets) are these beautiful and bountiful geraniums. It comes in dark shades of fiery red (most common) pinks, peach, white and many more. They bloom all summer long with little to no care at all. They are easy and not fuzzy! Sure to bring you beautiful round clusters of blooms all summer long. It’s best for beginner gardeners as it wouldn’t frustrate you! It tolerates heat and water. You can’t have too much Read more […]

I’m back! And I’m gardening!

Yes! I’m back to blogging!! I’m on my mat leave again after giving birth to baby #3, so what better way to maximize my time than to blog about the things I love to do (other than taking care of 3 kids and 1 big kid – my hubby! It’s been a while since I last wrote on the blog, more than a year I think, but starting one again should get it going. And first on my list of topics to write about is… Hmmm… Yeah, my garden… I wish! But I do, I garden in pots! That still counts as a garden, right? Read more […]