I bought a purse in South Africa

In Canada, my coworkers usually noticed that I didn’t bring anything with me to work except for my iPhone. There are days where I’d bring my lunch bag or an umbrella and that was it. I try to be a minimalist one way or another.  I guess it all started as a trial. I remember the first time I tried to go to work with just my phone, a debit card, and a bus pass. The card and the bus pass are attached to the back of my phone using an attachable credit card holder. All three still came in one piece.  Read more […]

Think and Be Creative

Think and Be Creative. This is what I always tell Rianne as we travel through South Africa by land. Ricky had this idea of travelling South Africa via what they call The Garden Route. We started in Johannesburg aboard Baz Bus travelling to Durban. Believe it or not, we were on the bus for a gruelling 14 hours. We could have arrived 4 hrs earlier but an accident on the highway kept us stuck and without any choice but to stand the long wait. And add to that, a humid temperature.  Try to imagine Read more […]