Mod Podge Magic – My 2015 Inspiration Board

It’s been 2 months and I haven’t actually created anything.. Oh I forgot, I made this for a friend on her birthday. But anyways, I just felt like since I went back to work, I haven’t had much time to “make” something, so I decided to work on my inspiration board! Finally! It was due last month! Remember the Christmas Board I made? It was made up of a board panel of some sort and the other side of it is blank.. So I just used that side to mod podge all these inspirational words and phrases.. And Read more […]

On Being 30 and #Project30

Phew! Don’t really know what to say.. I don’t know how I’m going to collect my thoughts.. Writing while in transit to work.. Who knew, there’s some perks to not driving.. I get to blog. Because I don’t know how to start, I’ll start with gratiude.. Today, I am 30.. As I write this my eyes are teary.. I don’t know why.. I can remember whatever I can from 30 yrs of existence and I am in immense unexplainable joy.. Just to be here.. Alive, with my family, with friends, and the thought of people who Read more […]

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Christmas is here!! I just want to wish everyone of you a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Hope and Blessings!! Thank you so much for all the love and support to our family and the blog.  2014 has been an amazing year and I look forward to greater things in 2015. See you next year!! With Love, Anne Read more […]

Christmas Sign Board

Back in November, I listed a few Holiday decor I wanted to do this year and one of them is a Christmas sign board! And I did! It’s not perfect but at least I get to try some free-hand lettering. What a learning experience! And fun to have a sign board with the exact message I want on it! The board I used is a spare shelving piece we have in our closet. We have quite a few and I’ve been wanting so make a sign board out of it! It is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey. I Read more […]

Christmas at the Shetty’s, (a corner of our) Home Tour

The title actually sounds funny.. I wanted to call it a home tour, but in reality I actually just decorated a specific corner in our living room.. lol.. but it’s fun to put it on the blog for us to remember Christmas 2014.  Lately, I’ve been following a series of Holiday House Walks from different bloggers hosted by artist and designer Jennifer Rizzo.  One (as far as I know..) Canadian and a BC local is part of the tour, Jamie of Sew Much Better with Age and you can check her beautiful home and Read more […]

Reclaiming Our Bedroom – The Photo Gallery Wall Art

It took me almost more than a year after we moved to our home for me to decorate the master’s bedroom!! It took me that long?! When in the process, it only took one evening while the children were sleeping! Yikes! I delayed it for too long! But I am happy now.. At least, now it looked like OUR bedroom.  The walls are no longer bare! And the baby bassinet is gone!! Not that the kids are in their own room.. I will admit, we are co-sleepers.. 🙂 The master’s bedroom is still is not our own bedroom.. Read more […]

[GIVEAWAY] Lougheed Town Centre Christmas Event – Santa’s Arrival

Just enter a comment to qualify for the giveaway and we will draw the winner by 12 noon tomorrow, Nov. 21st. GIVEAWAY! by  Lougheed Town Centre.  What You’ll get: 10-minute meet and greet with popular children’s group Bobs & Lolo before their 11AM performance Signed Bobs & Lolo Christmas CD VIP Santa Photo Package – includes complimentary photos up to $25 and a place at the head of the line SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23 11:00AM, near London Drugs Canada’s Read more […]

DIY Olaf Costume & A Happy Frozen Halloween!

My daughter wanted to be Queen Elsa and she wanted her little brother to be Olaf! But.. I just couldn’t.. I couldn’t spend 40$+ on a costume that will only be worn once! So I quickly whipped up an Olaf Costume at 1/3 of the cost of buying one! Hooray! Thanks to crafty moms on the web! I’m so grateful for you sharing your talents and ideas.. Now, my lil son will be so cute and my daughter will be the happiest.  I wish I could use some magical powers like Elsa to create a costume in a second! DIY Read more […]

The Painter’s Tape – a Reflection

Today, I was awakened at 3:45 AM and I decided to continue painting the table.  I needed to do those original lines that had been filled in with wood fillers.  It is a tedious work, I tell you.. Thank goodness there’s painter’s tape to keep the paint straight and just within the lines. As I painted the last line, the last brush stroke, I reflected on my day yesterday.  It wasn’t the best me.  I wasn’t happy with how I acted.  So, as I did the paint strokes along the lines, I asked God for Read more […]