Making Memories at Dinotown {and a Giveaway}

To Rianne, I am writing this to remember how much fun you had the day we went to Dinotown.  You were only 2 yrs. old and Ryan was 8 mos. old. Last Saturday, Daddy drove us to Cultus Lake, Chiliwack to see Dinotown.  The day before, I’ve already been telling you that we are going to see dinosaurs and that tomorrow will be a fun day! I can see how excited you are. And I love it! You are a smart kid and full of fun and excitement.  On the day, I dressed you up making sure you wear your most comfortable Read more […]

47 More Years Until Our Golden Anniversary!

Hi Honey, Happy Anniversary! Wohooo! 47 more years ad we will be celebrating our Golden Anniversary! I love you so much! Today, I looked back and thought, that’s only 3 years? Feels like forever! A forever I would always want. Ricky, my partner, my other half, my husband.. I couldn’t imagine life without you.  You make life happier.  Your happiness and passion is uplifting.  Your intelligence and smartness still makes me head over heels for you.  Your dreams make me dream bigger.  You taught Read more […]

Rianne’s 2nd Birthday Party with Party Fun Box

We celebrated Rianne’s 2nd Birthday party at home last month.  We decided to do it at home as we can’t seem to find a good venue for our budget.  And we wanted more people to come see our place since we did not do a house warming party since we moved in our new place. And we wanted our daughter to engage with other toddlers and have unlimited play time where they are free exploring and just having fun.  At this age, she is very active and loves a lot of company to play with. When we decided to Read more […]

So.. Why Am I Doing This?

By “this”, I mean, writing a blog. So.. Why? My husband is the famous “Daddy Blogger” and I am his wife. Some would think I should have a blog too. My husband has been encouraging me to have one for quite some time. Although I’ve done one guest blog post on his blog, I never really thought of blogging regularly for myself. Ironically, before Ricky created his blog, I was the one who wanted one for a long time. I bought a domain name back in 2011. I was pregnant with our daughter Rianne Read more […]