Tracy Harrison on Clay and Pottery

One of the many things in my bucket list that hopefully I can do this year is learning pottery. With my current interest in tea pots and tea sets (thanks to my friend Grace).. I’ve been imagining serving and drinking in my own, made by me tea set! Oh what a sight in my imagination! I couldn’t even describe the joy of opening my cupboard and seeing the work of my hands and most of all, sipping a delicious tea from it. Feels like heaven to me! On Jan. 1st of this year my husband decided to go on Read more […]

Catherine Tsang, Redefining Nail Artistry

One night, Ricky asked me if I want my nails done.  I’m having second thoughts.. why? 1) I don’t grow my nails long.  They are always short. 2) Do I really need beautiful nails when all I do is, clean, cook, wash the dishes and do diaper changes in between. But then I said yes and I am glad I did and met Catherine Tsang, a nail artist and blogger at Sunday Beauty where she writes about her journey through nail artistry as she completes a her program at Blanche Macdonald as well as Read more […]

Living Extraordinarily? Are you? Kate Muker and Conscious Divas #LELive

I’m not.. I don’t think so.. but I want to.. Who wouldn’t? So what does it mean to live extraordinarily?  That’s what I am going to find out and see where I am at. From today, I am about 3 and a half months away from my 30th birthday! Honestly, I am excited! Rather than dreadful. I feel like I will be entering a different stage in my life. Well.. it has already started since I started this blog.  I always say.. wisdom comes with age, doesn’t it? I’ve learned to open up, willing to broaden Read more […]

Yunuen Perez and The Living Room Art in The Heights

It is quite astonishing how we meet people and the people we meet.  Let me tell you a story..  As you may know, I am in journey to discovering myself and one of the ways I explore is through my love of the arts and serendipitously, I met Yunuen.. I always believe that we meet who we meet for a reason, be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.. It shall serve a purpose.  Thanks to social media! Connecting is not as difficult if you’ll let it. I joined a neighbourhood FB group where I saw Yunuen’s Read more […]

Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting and Interior Design

I first met Reena when she visited our home one day to have it featured on her blog.  What? Our home? Oh my! And as far as I remember, my husband told me on that same day she was about to visit.  You could imagine how I felt.. haha.. my husband love to surprise me in many ways.. 🙂 But it all went well.. I’m glad she came over and gained a good friend. We talked about the importance of Design and how we incorporated it on our home as well as the use of sustainable and eco-friendly home furnitures Read more […]

A Morning with Marika Siewert

Last Friday, I had one of the most refreshing and inspiring mornings.  I had the privilege of interviewing a Canadian artist, singer and songwriter, actor and TV host, Marika Siewert.  Marika and I met for the very first time a year ago at a Thanksgiving Dinner Ricky had organized.  I met her and her wonderfully talented family, her amazing husband Stacy, handsome sons  Zac and Jaedon and her beautiful daughter, Zoey.  I had the chance to meet and reconnect with them again when we went to Meadows Read more […]

Paper Art by Verna Rayco Segui

I met Verna Rayco Segui at the Vancouver Health and Wellness Show last spring.  Her daughter Janelle was at the gymnastics play area with Rianne.  With her friendly nature, she approached me and complimented my daughter being very independent and mature.  And from there, we became Facebook friends.  Little did I know that she is a talented crafter! An artist by heart!  I would see her works that she posts and I was amazed by its beauty and intricacy. In this blog, I would like to feature Read more […]