[WORKSHOP] Spread the Light this Thanksgiving – Glass Painting with Reena Venkatesh

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited to announce this workshop with all of you.  You may have read about our featured artist, Reena Venkatesh. If not, get to know her on this post.   Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Where did the time go? I know! We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in no time! And to mark that special occasion, Reena and I have teamed up to offer a Glass Painting Workshop for your Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece, a Painted Glass Candle Holder! In this Workshop, Reena will Read more […]

Project #2 – Catching Up on Some Summer Sewing, The Belcarra Dress

This post is for the series, My Love for Sewing. Finally, I get to post this!  I finished this dress last month.  I will be wearing it to church and at a Macaron Class my friend and I will be going to this Sunday.  I think it is just perfect for that day! I can’t wait.  Isn’t it fun to have a dress to wear to an occasion or have a dress that you specifically made for a certain event?!  If only I can whip up more dresses, tops and skirts like a fairy, I would! These are the things that I love Read more […]