The Burnaby Photographic Society’s 19th Annual Showcase

The Art of Photography – is something I would love to learn and explore in my lifetime.. Oh, there are so many things I would love to do! Who doesn’t?  The world is full of beautiful things to offer and the thought of being able to capture it through photographs is just absolutely astounding! Just last week, I was informed about a Photography event in our city, Burnaby in British Columbia where they showcase the photographs taken by the members of the Burnaby Photographic Society, a group of Read more […]

Yunuen Perez and The Living Room Art in The Heights

It is quite astonishing how we meet people and the people we meet.  Let me tell you a story..  As you may know, I am in journey to discovering myself and one of the ways I explore is through my love of the arts and serendipitously, I met Yunuen.. I always believe that we meet who we meet for a reason, be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.. It shall serve a purpose.  Thanks to social media! Connecting is not as difficult if you’ll let it. I joined a neighbourhood FB group where I saw Yunuen’s Read more […]

Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting and Interior Design

I first met Reena when she visited our home one day to have it featured on her blog.  What? Our home? Oh my! And as far as I remember, my husband told me on that same day she was about to visit.  You could imagine how I felt.. haha.. my husband love to surprise me in many ways.. 🙂 But it all went well.. I’m glad she came over and gained a good friend. We talked about the importance of Design and how we incorporated it on our home as well as the use of sustainable and eco-friendly home furnitures Read more […]

Come on! Let’s Paint!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your support and encouragement by visiting and reading the Anne and Annie Series! I appreciate it.. from the bottom of my heart! What’s happening this month I have some awesome news! I contacted Annie Sloan Unfolded to review the products as I do this month’s big project! And it’s here now! Super Exciting! This month, in preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m giving our dining table a makeover! And with that, I decided to invite you to come and Read more […]

Painting with Anne

Coming Soon this September 2014! By yours truly! Why not bring a small project to paint, a tray, a box, whatever you have and we can paint together! Here’s my blogpost series for all my home decor painting using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Anne and Annie. Stay tuned for more details! Read more […]

Sewing with Anne

Coming Soon this September 2014! By yours truly! One of my passion is teaching, and sewing is one of the things I am really passionate about.  If you’ve been wanting to learn how to sew.. I’ll gladly teach you and most of all have fun while sewing! Here’s my blogpost series of the clothes I’ve sewn, My love for Sewing. Stay tuned for more details! Read more […]

The Art of Glass Painting with Reena Venkatesh

Coming Soon this September 2014! Artist, Reena Venkatesh of  will be hosting a Glass Painting Workshop next month!  Check out her work on her blog and get that imagination going! Stay tuned for more details! Read more […]

Jewelry Workshop with Michelle Aslan

Coming Soon this September 2014! Jewelry Artist, Michelle Aslan of will be hosting a Jewelry Workshop next month! Stay tuned!  

Summer Hairstyling at Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar

My blog series, Rediscovering Hastings Street, has brought me to this beautiful salon within our community.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to know local businesses within our neighbourhood.  What a lovely journey it has been for the last month and a half and I think I’ve only tasted the icing on the cake and there’s still so much more to discover.  Wherever you are, regardless how much time you have.. I encourage you to discover, explore and just be curious and I guarantee you that there Read more […]