I bought a purse in South Africa

In Canada, my coworkers usually noticed that I didn’t bring anything with me to work except for my iPhone. There are days where I’d bring my lunch bag or an umbrella and that was it. I try to be a minimalist one way or another.  I guess it all started as a trial. I remember the first time I tried to go to work with just my phone, a debit card, and a bus pass. The card and the bus pass are attached to the back of my phone using an attachable credit card holder. All three still came in one piece.  Read more […]

Reclaiming Our Bedroom – The Photo Gallery Wall Art

It took me almost more than a year after we moved to our home for me to decorate the master’s bedroom!! It took me that long?! When in the process, it only took one evening while the children were sleeping! Yikes! I delayed it for too long! But I am happy now.. At least, now it looked like OUR bedroom.  The walls are no longer bare! And the baby bassinet is gone!! Not that the kids are in their own room.. I will admit, we are co-sleepers.. 🙂 The master’s bedroom is still is not our own bedroom.. Read more […]

The Painter’s Tape – a Reflection

Today, I was awakened at 3:45 AM and I decided to continue painting the table.  I needed to do those original lines that had been filled in with wood fillers.  It is a tedious work, I tell you.. Thank goodness there’s painter’s tape to keep the paint straight and just within the lines. As I painted the last line, the last brush stroke, I reflected on my day yesterday.  It wasn’t the best me.  I wasn’t happy with how I acted.  So, as I did the paint strokes along the lines, I asked God for Read more […]

Making Memories at Dinotown {and a Giveaway}

To Rianne, I am writing this to remember how much fun you had the day we went to Dinotown.  You were only 2 yrs. old and Ryan was 8 mos. old. Last Saturday, Daddy drove us to Cultus Lake, Chiliwack to see Dinotown.  The day before, I’ve already been telling you that we are going to see dinosaurs and that tomorrow will be a fun day! I can see how excited you are. And I love it! You are a smart kid and full of fun and excitement.  On the day, I dressed you up making sure you wear your most comfortable Read more […]