Watercolour Inspiration

Gosh, It’s been a month since I wrote a post! But I’m back now! I want to have a record of my progress as I learn to paint with watercolour.  It is fun to read some of my old blog posts when I was learning how to paint furniture. So I thought I’d do the same for this new artistic adventure. I’ve been researching through books I borrowed in the library, you tube videos and other blog posts and I think I’ve come to the conclusion as to which style of watercolour painting I’d like to explore Read more […]

To Live Life is to Learn: Painting with Watercolour

When I was pregnant with my eldest, Rianne, I wanted to learn how to sew, so I learned it. After giving birth to Ryan, I wanted to paint furniture, so I learned it. While I was pregnant with Renzo, I wanted to learn how to garden, so I learned it and now I want to paint using watercolour, so I’m going to learn it! There are tons of things to learn! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s my addiction, the good kind.  I like to learn things. Do you? Here’s what’s in my bucket list: Read more […]

From Stencilling to Decorative Hand Painting

Introduction I’m into a new adventure.. I could not believe where furniture painting has brought me into.   I started painting home decor and home furnitures last June 23rd of this year.  It started with a small mantel clock and now, I just finished our dining table (blog post coming soon)!  It’s been four months since then and I could not believe where it took me and what creativity it has opened. I have no art degree or anything.. I grew up believing I couldn’t draw or paint.  I may have Read more […]

[WORKSHOP] Spread the Light this Thanksgiving – Glass Painting with Reena Venkatesh

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited to announce this workshop with all of you.  You may have read about our featured artist, Reena Venkatesh. If not, get to know her on this post.   Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Where did the time go? I know! We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in no time! And to mark that special occasion, Reena and I have teamed up to offer a Glass Painting Workshop for your Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece, a Painted Glass Candle Holder! In this Workshop, Reena will Read more […]

Come on! Let’s Paint!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your support and encouragement by visiting and reading the Anne and Annie Series! I appreciate it.. from the bottom of my heart! What’s happening this month I have some awesome news! I contacted Annie Sloan Unfolded to review the products as I do this month’s big project! And it’s here now! Super Exciting! This month, in preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m giving our dining table a makeover! And with that, I decided to invite you to come and Read more […]

What You Can Do with a Tester Pot 4oz (100ml) of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

I wanted to write this post to let you know what you can do with a tester pot (sample pot) of Annie Sloan’s decorative paint, Chalk Paint®. What projects can you actually tackle with a small pot of paint, just 4oz (100 ml)?  Where I am, in Vancouver, it retails for  $14.95.  It does come with a price, I know.. but is it worth it?  There are 2 sizes they offer; a sample/tester pot and a 1 Litre pot.  If you’ve been wanting to try the tester pots, but wasn’t sure how much it can cover, read Read more […]

Painting with Anne

Coming Soon this September 2014! By yours truly! Why not bring a small project to paint, a tray, a box, whatever you have and we can paint together! Here’s my blogpost series for all my home decor painting using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Anne and Annie. Stay tuned for more details! Read more […]

Project #3 – Painting Fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – My Blue Mason Bag

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series. Painting Fabric with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint is something I’ve always been intrigued to do.  I’ve seen it on other blogs, read about it on her book and even saw her video demo for a TV show. Most I’ve read are done on upholstered chairs and the results have been awesome.  It’s amazing what this paint can do.. like the slogan, it really is “more than paint”. Here’s a video of Annie Sloan doing a demo painting on an upholstered chair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a5znW4VJDU The Read more […]

Blogpost Series #2 – Anne and Annie: Discovering my inner artist

So who’s Annie? I can’t believe our names are so similar.  Must be destiny! I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia, where Julie reinvigorated her life by challenging herself to try 524 recipes in 365 days from Julia Child’s first book and blogged about her journey.  Now, I think I’ve found my Julia in the name of Annie Sloan.  It’s funny how a movie can ignite your thoughts and start something new.  I am so excited! Annie Sloan is the name behind the famous decorative paint called Chalk Read more […]