To Live Life is to Learn: Painting with Watercolour

When I was pregnant with my eldest, Rianne, I wanted to learn how to sew, so I learned it. After giving birth to Ryan, I wanted to paint furniture, so I learned it. While I was pregnant with Renzo, I wanted to learn how to garden, so I learned it and now I want to paint using watercolour, so I’m going to learn it! There are tons of things to learn! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s my addiction, the good kind.  I like to learn things. Do you? Here’s what’s in my bucket list: Read more […]

What You Can Do with a Tester Pot 4oz (100ml) of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

I wanted to write this post to let you know what you can do with a tester pot (sample pot) of Annie Sloan’s decorative paint, Chalk Paint®. What projects can you actually tackle with a small pot of paint, just 4oz (100 ml)?  Where I am, in Vancouver, it retails for  $14.95.  It does come with a price, I know.. but is it worth it?  There are 2 sizes they offer; a sample/tester pot and a 1 Litre pot.  If you’ve been wanting to try the tester pots, but wasn’t sure how much it can cover, read Read more […]

Brighten Your Day at Plush Floral Studio

Let me start this blog by saying, I LOVE this blog series. I think, that’s even an understatement. I am so lucky to be in such vibrant community with merchants so talented and creative. I am so privileged to get to know them in person through my blog. I am happy that I decided to do this. What I am experiencing and learning is just invaluable.

Coming Soon in July! Paper Art Workshop by Verna Segui!

Hello Everyone! I am very happy to announce that I will be hosting our very first workshop this July!  Introducing Paper Art by Verna Segui.  Please read more about her on this blogpost. I would love for you to join! Please contact me using the contact form for more details. Live Art, Share Art! With Love, Anne Read more […]

Blogpost Series #3 – My Love For Sewing

For this series, I will be featuring different sewing projects. You probably have seen the Belcarra Blouse.  There’s more to come! How it all started?..I guess it can all be rooted back to childhood.  I am the youngest of 7 children, 5 sisters and a brother.  You can imagine that our home is dominated by feminine style.  I am 7 years younger than the one before me and all them were about 2 to 3 years in gap from one to the next. My eldest sister, Joanna was gifted a boutique of her own to Read more […]

Coming Soon! Workshops!

I am making this dream a reality.. I have a passion for learning and teaching and I just realized that I am surrounded by many who has a passion for art or a craft that they are a master in.  My vision is to know their art and be able to share it to many.. because Sharing is Fun! Just like what I always tell Rianne. 🙂 If you are interested in doing a workshop with me, visit the Workshops Page and connect with me and let’s make this dream a reality. Is there any art of craft you’d like Read more […]